About Us

The G.K.N Team

Though cannabis has been legalized in many parts of the United states but there is a gap when it comes to its use, merits, demerits as well as awareness. We should take our time to thank the owner and the idea behind the GKN magazine who took a much-needed step towards filling the gap to some extent.

GKN magazine is solely committed to making the cannabis movement successful through its intelligent and creative approach. It deals with the various aspects of marijuana including legalisation, benefits, plantation etc. The theme of magazine revolves near marijuana where the articles include the likes of spirituality, Holistic health, going green etc.

You often hear some irrelevant comments about marijuana, but from now onwards you need not believe them as this magazine compiles all the current affairs of Marijuana in a traditional way. All you need to do is to order a unit and keep yourself updated with news like legal cannabis content, latest happenings, and what’s happening behind the scenes.

We are committed to engaging our lazy stoned readers through our sparkling, lively writing style which will compel them to read more.

Though there are many magazines out in the market which also deals with this stuff but what makes us stand apart is the more focused cannabis stories and essential views on current events. Apart from that, it also deals with the use of cannabis for medical purpose. GKN is a new hope to those models who needs an exposure to make their presence felt. We constantly organize events, contests and various search algorithm to bring out the hidden gem who are interested in building their career with us.