Marijuana lifestyle plays an important role in the treatment of cancer. There are several positive effects of marijuana use on cancer patients. It is found in various studies that cannabidiol is an active chemical present in marijuana which has the ability to stop cancer by turning off cancer spreading genes Id-1. American Association for cancer Research has found that marijuana actually works to slow down tumor growth in brain, breast, and lungs. Cancer patients generally face the problem of extreme pain. Marijuana can give relief from pain. Sometimes etching may be caused by the chemotherapy treatment and this problem can be also cured by the marijuana.


Marijuana culture has worldwide coverage as it is used by many people all across the world for the treatment of various diseases. THC is an active ingredient present in the marijuana slows down the progression of Alzheimer disease. It also stops the harmful neurological effects and muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. It is found in various studies that marijuana may ease painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Recent studies from Israel show that smoking marijuana remarkably reduces pains and tremors and improves sleep for Parkinson’s disease patients. Its medical uses never end. There are more medical uses of marijuana which helps people to fight with diseases.


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