INTRODUCING MooseiMoo420Queens Hemp Festival

In the last decade, large open air festivals have been slowly but surely disappearing all across the USA. Stop for a second and think; when was the last time you visited an open air festival that had around 20,000 visitors? I am sure the answer is not what you would like it to be.
However, all hope is not lost because there are people who believe in good music and proper open air festival adventure. One such person is the upcoming entrepreneur Eli Eletese, the owner of the renowned GKN International Company. He, together with a few other people and several sponsors will be hosting a festival that will definitely be one of the biggest events in 2018.
The festival will be located in Pershing County, Nevada on a large area of 41.6 acres (16.83 Hectares). The planned date for this festival is during March, Spring Break of 2018. The festival will last for 5 days and it will have a huge camping site. There will be single day tickets, as well as camp site tickets which will allow you to use the tents located in the camping site. Vendor’s campsite are also included. For more information about the ticketing you can visit

So far only few of the performers are known, however this list will be updated as we come closer to the day of the festival. We have 3 DJ’s who have confirmed their presence so far and they are:
– DJ MADD Maxx
– DJ Yogi Stylez
– DJ Cool
– DJ Mike Luie
– DJ Bratt remixer & producer
– DJ David Cervera
– DJ Gregory Lane
– Jerry Jam Direct Drive Records & NYC recording artist

Aside from the fantastic artists that will perform on the stage, there will be a Psychedelic Art Piece Competition. The winner of this competition will take home a prize of $20,000 and there will be other prizes for the rest of the competitors. Keep in mind that the competition is based on real paintings, nothing will be computerized.
There will be vendors at all times so campers can have access to food and beverages through the whole 5 days. Fantastic spotlights and lighting features will also be a part of this phenomenal event. The land for the festival is owned so there shouldn’t be problems with the local State Laws and regulations regarding the festival or the ticketing. The whole organization plans to create this event for around 20,000 people. It’s also important to note that there will be a lot of space for fans around the concert stage.
So, keep checking for updates about this festival as it will be ‘THE’ place to visit in 2018. The list of performers will be updated as soon as new names get introduced. If you want to get tickets you can do it even now by visiting
Don’t waste more time and get your ticket as soon as possible because the people who are organizing the Eenheid Love Festival have a massive number of preorders and they expect the event to be sold out in no time at all.
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