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Facebook Email Retargeting Advertising Management

Have you ever found yourself wondering how advertisers seem to know exactly the kind of products you need? Or have you found yourself face to face with a Facebook ad from the site you’ve browsed through just a couple of minutes ago and wondered how those ads could feel eerily accurate?

Well, such advertising should be eerily accurate and on-point as that is what those ads are paid to do. Those ads that popped up when you checked your Facebook account were not random ads. They’re a result of one of the most common online marketing methods—Facebook retargeting.

What are Facebook Email Retargeting Ads and how do they work?


By now, you already understand that ecommerce sites exist for the purpose of sales conversions. Every visit to their page is counted as a potential sale, so site owners are naturally interested to find out whether you’ll push through making a purchase. Those who exit the page without making a purchase may seem like a lost sales venture already, but not to ecommerce site developers.

Retargeting technology allows businesses to track those who have expressed initial interest in their products and/or services and then display a related Facebook ad once the user opens his/her Facebook account. That way, marketers are able to focus their ads on those who are most likely interested in what they have to offer—the people in-market.

Many ecommerce sites have employed this method, and with great results. Don’t miss out on this marketing trend!

JQ Marketing offers efficient and effective Facebook retargeting services. Ask us today how we could start customizing your Facebook ad audience and enjoy that sales boost you’ve always dreamt of for your business.

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