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If you are to have an e-mail marketing campaign that works, you need to have your mailing list in order. Sadly, a lot of businesses are doing it all wrong, spending so much on getting names and contact details that do not even work to bring in the sales that they need. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Here are some of the services we offer for your mailing list:

Regular List Cleanup:

A regular list cleanup ensures that you don’t waste resources trying to send content to addresses that are undeliverable or unresponsive. Why should that even matter? Because having subscribers that do not engage can hurt your overall email marketing performance. Plus, having a list that is cluttered with subscribers that either don’t exist or don’t engage limits your capability to reach out to those who would actually respond to your calls to action. So we make sure that you only have good names on your list.

Email List Management:

We do not only help you build your list, we also help you improve your engagement by keeping track of your contacts. That means that we work on re-engaging subscribers who no longer open your messages. We don’t want you to stick it out with an old and decayed mailing list.

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