Getting the keywords on the page’ isn’t the only thing you need to do to earn rankings on Google. After all, there are likely hundreds or thousands of other pages on the Internet that also contain those same terms. So how does Google figure out which ones to rank in which positions? It figures it out by counting the quantity and quality of links pointing to that page. It considers both internal links coming from other pages on your domain and external links coming from other domains. External links are much more important than internal links and should be the focus of your SEO service provider’s link building effort. Remember — the key to link building is a focus on quantity and quality.. Not just quantity. A high quality link is one that comes from a relevant page containing shared subject matter. A high quality link comes from a page that has high quality internal and external links itself. When your SEO agency talks to you about link building, make sure they are focused on quality. The best link building projects are done manually, with attention to quality and detail, and result in your domain receiving relevant links from other domains. That’s your benchmark for success. How important is this? Have a look at this study performed by SEOMoz in 2015: