In cases where you’ve already got a page dedicated to a topic that you’ve discovered during your keyword research, you simply need to optimize it for search engines. Search engines are just computers, after all, and so they require some hand holding to ensure they can understand the subject matter of a page. A good SEO consultant or agency will be able to make modifications to the content and technical underpinnings of your pages to ensure that Google can understand them as well as your visitors can. This type of SEO service is perfect for small businesses and tends to be more affordable than creating pages from scratch. An agency will charge you on a per-page or per-hour basis. The ROI tends to be good on page optimization as well. Many times, a page only needs minor adjustment to be better understood by Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Here are some of the things that your SEO services provider will do for you:

  • Create a keyword-relevant and attractive (begs to be clicked) <title> tag for your listings in search results
  • Include the keywords and common variations and synonyms in the body copy of the page
  • Optimize the anchor text of links on the page and to the page
  • Add notation to the images so that Google can understand them — after all, computers don’t have eyes so it’s up to the SEOs to tell them about the content of images
  • If the page is extremely short, your SEO will be lengthening it to encourage longer page visits and a better reception from search engines
  • Off-topic content will be pulled off the page and moved into other areas of the site to ensure the page targets no more than 2 keywords and is tightly themed to those terms