In the entire world, cannabis is a disputed topic. But the cannabis research has proven that it is an essential thing which has various benefits to the different fields such as medically, socially recreational, industrial, therapeutic and economically. According to the research, marijuana is safer to use as compare to drugs. It contains the particle THC, which is less toxic and less addictive for a human body.


In the recent cannabis research, it has been proved that the compounds which are available in cannabis plants can help to hold the brittle bone diseases, osteoporosis. Cannabis is natural so there is no side effect on the body. It is the best supplement for the pain relief, manage and control blood pressure and best for mood swings.


Cannabis research is the sufficient evidence that how much beneficial to use marijuana in any form. Marijuana is the best alternative if you consuming drugs in the form of medicines. Taking so much medicine is damage your internal body and maybe you became an addictive of these. But if you choose marijuana, you will not face any problem in any matter unless you take it for medical purpose or just for fun.


In some weed magazine such as G.K.N (goddess knowledge news) is contain latest news and information related to the cannabis. They usually specify the facts and medical benefits of taking cannabis such as:

  • Controlling impulsive attack in epilepsy.
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Several scleroses
  • For fitness
  • saves you from Glaucoma
  • Pain relief for Arthritis
  • Diagnosed cancer and HIV
  • Morning sickness
  • Decrease anxiety


Like other magazines, weed magazine also wants to entertain, inform and convince their audience towards the marijuana and cannabis. It gives users and legal benefits of marijuana for each and everyone. This magazine is the best way to communicate with the audience of any age and generation. It gives realistic and reliable information about marijuana. A magazine is usually up-to-date the viewers and lovers of marijuana. Its content is so real and relevant that keep’s a reader involvement in the matter of legalisation of marijuana. Magazines play a significant role in explaining special news and reports which are not generally covered by the other media.


Skunk magazine is the relevant magazine which is well known for supporting marijuana. It provides latest information, products, news and photographs related to marijuana. This magazine spreads the useful and relevant information about cannabis. This magazine is the best source of knowledge regarding the cannabis. It is a useful magazine for those who love cannabis culture and marijuana lifestyle.  Besides that, it gives full details of benefits from marijuana to the people who are against it.


Skunk magazine is the best source of information and latest news. The news published in the magazine is the main factor in spreading the positive information about the cannabis. It is the best platform where you know about the views and response of a specific community.